12 Apr 2014

Working Vacuum Cleaner with Crushed Hose

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Works, but hose is crushed. I’m sure someone else can fix or can use for parts / diy projects.





12 Apr 2014

Large Dog Carrier

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Good for a medium sized dog; the carrier is  28 x 20.5 x 21.5



12 Apr 2014

Dora the Explorer Talking Dollhouse

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Found the mother figure, but can’t find Dora and Papi.  House does talk though; has most of the furniture.



07 Apr 2014

Captain America – The Winter Soldier: I Miss Being Cap (20 Years Later)

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I’ve talked before about how a few of us created the Secret Adventures of Captain America on a rag tag budget — most being Marvel writers and artists.. for some reason (my masculine and sexy voice perhaps) I had the honor of not only creating the music and sound but being Cap himself.

I was blown away by the movie; fantastic — and when the reveal in the underground barracks in New Jersey (trying not to spoil) — just really smart, very timely and just enough ‘in the real world’ to make everything work. And Falcon’s wings? Badass! Who wouldn’t want those?

It’s amazing how far Marvel has come from the days when we didn’t even know who was going to purchase it, nearly bankrupt, etc. I was doing some fun things at that time, though it was difficult (Marvel was trying to shift to a more interactive web when it wasn’t there 100%; Macromedia had just bought FutureSplash (now Flash) and Macromedia Director (Shockwave) wasn’t even using mp3 compression yet, so all audio had to be uncompressed.

Can’t believe it’s been twenty years as so much has changed – both in the Marvel Universe and our own. I might have to ping a few people and see if I can do some things from up here in CT…

03 Apr 2014

BatteryPOP Dance In: Everything Old is New Again

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I wonder how many generations removed are these kids from knowing who Rowan or Martin are….