Gumbo == Flash Builder

Flash Builder / Flex 4 / Gumbo

Adobe recently announced that Flex will now be known by Flash Builder; my feelings about this are mixed however.  There were many times I had to explain the differences between Flex and Flash (and, saying ‘Flash’ in that sentence I mean the capital ‘F’ Flash CS4 authoring vs the little ‘f’ flash which is the compiled output), as well as explain in the end that there really WAS no difference as it was all flash in the end (note the little ‘f’).

Papervision 3d in Flex

Have to say it’s quite fun — sort of reminds me of the old Director3d — or at the least the stuff that Barry Swan was coding as billboards before Director added true 3d support. I’m writing a class for it for a sort of flipping card interface; I’ve seen this done before in Flash…

How I Love You Flex

I’m working on a Flex front end talking to a Crestron backend – and one of the things we’re doing is creating templates of different devices, one being a family of Crown amplifiers, each of which might have 2, 4 or 8 channels of audio to display. Each channel starts out with a Crestron join, but the next channel up it’s join begins at 21+ from the previous channel’s (if you know Crestron you’ll know what I mean).

Yahoo <3 Flex

Well, I gotta say Yahoo is really embracing Flash and Flex – thereâ??s a really good API detailing the new AS3 Maps API for embedding Yahoo maps within a Flex or Flash interface â?? a neat little example is here. Yahoo already has some examples, screencasts and other fun bits. And to think, I was…