Another Birthday

Recently posted on Facebook: Thank you all for the recent birthday wishes – it’s appreciated. It’s a little tough because 2 days after my birthday – the 18th – was the 1st anniversary of my mother’s death, and that’s going to be kind of a thing for the rest of my life now… as some…


David Letterman

Honestly it’s been years since I’ve watched any real late night ‘talk show’ but I feel now, as a man closer to my 50’s than my 20’s that tonight there’s going to be some sort of mechanism — some sort of rollover — some large metal lever will be turned and the late night human…


Boston Unity Roadshow

At the Unity Roadshow today in Boston going over all of the latest goodness in Unity 5 — like light bouncing and audio mixer.  The audio mixer is cool but it’s a pretty basic DAW – snapshots and blending between them.   What I’d love is a great audio sequencer / musical synthesis library.  I…


Toys R Us R No More

Ah, just found out via Facebook that Toys R Us won’t be renewing it’s lease at the Times Square location when their lease is up next February.  It’s been about 15 years since a young grimmy (eh, not that young) helped with the programming and installation of all the fun in that place.  I wonder if the custom control system is still running Macromedia Director?


Lost Music: Bloody Bark

Found another track — this one definitely influenced from a lot of listening to Barkmarket (hence the goofy demo title).  Once again the fabulous Phil Puleo on drums (Cop Shoot Cop, Swans), me on everything else.  This being the house in Rutherford I rented on my own, I remember running the snake from the living…


Fakin’ It

Found this track recently while digging around backup dvds of old projects.  Not sure what this was for but I remember winging it for the most part (and there’s certainly some flubs in there).  For some reason bits of it reminds me of Coil.